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Sunday, 17 July 2011


  1. I saw 6 huge balls in 1989 in Omdurman in Sudan..Not only me,but many people who were on the street at that time..Length was 200m,and it was above the ground about 150m.No any windoe,or wings or smoke.Around those balls was something like frame,blue color.Balls were like silver

  2. cool... you should post your sighting on your blog, the more people that tell theur story, the more likely the truth will be known :-)

  3. I posted on a few sites...and that is the truth...sometimes I can not sleep,because of that.Sometimes I am speaking with my husband about that,but he doesn't like to remember that.It's happened 22 years ago,at that time I didn't know anything about that,I watched only a few films on TV,but what I saw was not like in Star trek or I don't know the titles of those films.We were not alone,many people were on the street.We all saw that.When we returned back home,we couldn't even speak..it was a shock for us

  4. Mr TJ Owen I can post on my blog,problem is my english,I don't know if people can understand me
    regards...Lidia Ninkovich